Jesus Christ


Jesus is the Savior of the world. His coming was promised and foretold following the very first sin (Genesis 3:15). All of world history was shaped around his coming to earth and doing away with the sin that has infected this world. When the time came for the Savior to be born, he was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. When he was 30 years old, Jesus began his ministry of preaching and teaching about the kingdom of God. Three years later, he was crucified on a cross by the Roman government at the request of the chief priests and elders in Jerusalem. His perfect life and his death on the cross atoned for the sins of the whole world. The good news (“gospel”) of his work on our behalf has been preached ever since. You can learn more about Jesus and his work from the teachings found throughout the site.

Date lived

Jesus is God and therefore eternal. His earthly life was from approximately 6-4 BC until 27-29 AD.

Location in the Bible

The entire Bible is the history of Jesus as our Savior. The Gospels (MatthewMarkLuke, and John) contain the accounts of Jesus’ earthly life.