Jesus Christ


Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, and the favoritism caused Joseph’s brothers to sell Joseph into slavery in Egypt. While in Egypt, God was with Joseph in all he did and guided him through slavery and wrongful imprisonment to make him second in command only to the Pharaoh. Joseph’s wise management of the Egyptian nation caused it to flourish even during severe famine. Many years after selling Joseph into slavery, his brothers went to Egypt in order to buy food during the famine not knowing that Joseph was still alive. After eventually revealing himself to his brothers, Joseph brought his father and all of his brothers to live with him in Egypt. Sadly, over time the Egyptians forgot about Joseph and decided to enslave all of Jacob’s descendants (the Israelites). The Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years, at which point God raised up a prophet (Moses) to lead his people out of slavery and to the Promised Land.

Date lived

Approximately 1915 BC to 1805 BC