Number of DaysFlood begins on 02/17/600 of Noah’s Life (Gen 7:11)
40The number of days the rain fell
110Throughout another 110 days the waters remained at maximum depth, making 150 days for their “prevailing.” At the end of this time the ark comes to rest on Mt. Ararat.
74The waters occupied 74 days in their “going and decreasing”. This was from the 17th day of the seventh month to the 1st day of the tenth month (Gen 8:5). There being 30 days to a month, the figures in days are 13 + 30 + 30 + 1.
40Forty days elapsed before Noah sent out the raven (Gen 8:6-7).
7Seven days elapsed before Noah sent out the dove for the first time (Gen 8:8). This period is necessary for reaching the total and is given by implication from the phrase “another seven days” (Gen 8:10).
7Seven days passed before sending out the dove for the second time (Gen 8:10).
7Seven more days passed before the third sending of the dove (Gen 8:12).
29Up to this point 285 days are accounted for, but the next episode is dated the 1st of the first month in the 601st year. From the date in Gen 7:11 to this point in Gen 8:13 is a period of 314 days; therefore an interval of 29 days elapses.
57From the removal of the covering of the ark to the very end of the experience was a further 57 days (Gen 8:14). (02/27/601)
371The total number of days of the Flood account

This chronology is based on a table appearing in E.F. Kevan’s commentary on Genesis in The New Bible Commentary.