Location in ActsLocations and EventsApproximate DateLetters Written
Acts 9:1-19Conversion32 AD
Acts 9:19-29Damascus, Arabia, Damascus, Jerusalem32-35 AD
Acts 9:29-31Tarsus, Cilicia35-44 AD
Acts 11:19-30Antioch, Famine Visit to Jerusalem45-46 AD
Acts 13:1-14:28First Missionary Journey47-48 AD
Acts 15:1-35Jerusalem Council49 ADGalatians (from Antioch before the Jerusalem Council)
Acts 15:36-18:22Second Missionary Journey49-52 AD1 Thessalonians (from Corinth)
2 Thessalonians (from Corinth)
Acts 18:22-20:38Third Missionary Journey53-57 AD1 Corinthians (from Ephesus)
2 Corinthians (from Macedonia)
Romans (from Corinth)
Acts 21:1-26:32Imprisonment in Caesarea58-60 AD
Acts 27:1-28:31First Imprisonment in Rome61-63 ADEphesians (from Rome)
Colossians (from Rome)
Philemon (from Rome)
Philippians (from Rome)
Post-Acts“Fourth Journey”63-65 AD1 Timothy (from Macedonia)
Titus (from Nicopolis)
Post-ActsSecond Imprisonment in Rome, Death66-67 AD2 Timothy (from Rome)